Our global network.

UK and Europe

Elemental’s UK & European network of services is built around quality people experienced in your industry who understand it. We specialise in developing business intelligence as a precursor to growth strategies, and implementing creative technologies that solve problems or exploit opportunities. London’s status as a tech-hub provides Elemental with a huge array of tech development houses in addition to our own resources (see www.lakeba.com). How we work is simple; once we have completed the business consulting task and strategised all potential solutions, if tech development is the best option we brief 6 tech businesses who effectively pitch for the solution. Elemental project manages the development process for the client, with a guarantee beta-stage working model at 8 weeks.

In Europe, typically our work focuses on brand strategy development for clients seeking growth from mature market segments. As often as not creativity is the solution combined with marketing communications planning.

Whilst both the UK and Europe have different consulting focuses due to the different business environments, the skills are complimentary.


Elemental has undertaken organisational change projects for US companies including enhancing creativity within a organisation, creating an environment where behavioural change can manage outcomes.

See case study: Enhancing Creativity

Australia/South East Asia

If your seeking market entry into this region, we can give you a synopsis of the business environment, expectations, and ‘rules of engagement’. Each Country in Asia is very different in terms of demography, business culture, and ways of doing things.

Elemental’s network in the region is based in Australia, with key people contributing in Asia. We offer strategic and creative resources across the region, with media and business intelligence resourcing (data analytics, business and management consulting) resourced from Australia.

Elemental can help you identify where your brand or business’s opportunity lies, and develop an appropriate sales and marketing plan.