Consultancy services.

Growth Strategies

Elemental will help you focus on three key realities. Your brand brand is on 24/7; it must evolve to meet consumer behaviour, and people engage brands they fundamentally like. Being liked creates to loyalty, word of mouth referral and endorsement.


Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

Elemental consults on CRM technology to ensure your brands remains responsive 24/7. Understanding how to engage your customers on their terms is key to building loyalty and purchase in the digital age – human interaction and empathy is the key.

Data Analytics

Careful analysis of brand awareness data led to a revelation for Toyota Australia. Awareness was very poor amongst people under 30. Why? The data held the key to understanding, and empowered the solution.

Developing Product Innovation Streams

Innovation fails as often as it succeeds because it too frequently focuses on technology enablers not insight into unmet need. Elemental can help you build the tech, but first we’ll discover the consumer needs.

Overseas Expansion

Looking to expand into Europe or Asia? Elemental’s network of industry specialists can provide you with the ability to hit the ground running through their localised, industry specific knowledge.

Content Marketing

Content creates connection when it is meaningful and entertaining. This is the core principle of Elemental’s creative strategy. Entertain, make the brand liked, or even loved.  Check out the content platforms for Toyota Yaris, Corolla, or UD Trucks.

Technology Meets Creativity

Spota is a best in class app that uses best in class creative and UX design to provide a peerless user experience. See Spota shows how clever, simple design and enable the adoption of technology.

Restructuring Human Resources to meet New Business Objectives

It can be difficult looking through the prism of experience and remain objective when assessing both human capital and product assets.  Here is how we created a smarter, more responsive organisation for the NSW Electoral Commission.

Developing Business Intelligence Tools

Data analytics lies at the heart of business intelligence, but obtaining a single view of data can be a challenge. Elemental can help you build a holistic perspective of your business by creating a single source data dashboard that identifies growth opportunities and efficiencies.

Change Management + Organisational Change

Refocusing a company around a new business objective can involve a fundamental change in corporate culture. Elemental produced an employee engagement strategy for a client so they could rediscover their historical creativity in sales and marketing.  Call us on  +44 7541253544, to find out more.

Brand Renovation Strategies

When brands lose touch, it is generally because they haven’t remained relevant. Typically, there is no problem with the product, it’s the brand that has lost currency. Check out the Toyota Corolla case study.